Winston Macabre

Straight outta Sheffield, steel city, it's one of the most talked about bands since forever, bringing their existential musings for your aural delight.


Conor Nutt
- alias: Nick Lighters
- Vocals, Song writing, Phenomenology
Mark Villholm
- alias: Fort Knightly
- Guitars & Beards
Rob Nutt
- alias: Winston Macabre
- Drums, Boxes, Sticks & Rhythym
Alex McGibbon
- alias: Magick Alex
- Bass & Flairs
Stella Sminkos
- alias: Two Toots M'gee
- Backing Vocals & colours
Rachel E
- alias: Esmerelda Villalobos
- Backing Vocals & aloofness
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Winston Macabre?

A kind of twenty year musical friendship. For many years, they've been playing and entertaining with their art, crafting pieces of music spanning many genres, and now they've created a new project to bring forth some of the freshest new music around. It's a strange mix of pop, triphop, folk and rock, sometimes veering off into uncharted territory. It's dark, it's soulful, sometimes funky, sometimes playful, often outright mad. Influences include many fingerstyle guitar greats such as Antoine Dufour and Michael Hedges and some awesome bands such as Portishead, The Roots and so much more.


I can't believe I've only just discovered these guys, they've been missing from my life for too long!
-- Theresa May*

I know a socialist manifesto when I hear one, and my foot won't stop jigging!
-- Jeremy Corbyn*

I thought Justin Timberlake had talent, but these guys really can play baby!
-- Craig Charles*

*Entirely madeup


We've not heard anything this original in years!
-- Karrrrung!!! Magazine**

Goes well with Branston pickle and marmalade.
-- Queue Magazine**

Hearing these guys really made me rethink my life choices.
-- TES**

**Also Entirely madeup

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Upcoming Gigs

Date Time Location  
Sat 5th August 2017 2:30pm RiteTrax on the Bole Hills 2017 Info
24th June 2017 3pm Winston Macabre - Debut! Heeley Festival - Farm Stage, 24th June 2017 - 3pm Info
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Winston Macabre


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